Graduate of Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota where I earned my bachelors of arts degree in Media Arts with an emphasis in motion graphics. I am a multimedia designer with experience in motion, print, and web design. Strongly focused in motion design. Exceedingly organized with firm project management skills. Able to learn quickly and efficiently.

Currently I work at Alpha Video in Eden Prairie as a Motion Designer/Creative Lead. While in the Creative Lead position I talk to clients to get a full understanding of what they need, from previs, design, animation to delivered projects. Create templates for clients to use in their digital signage. Deliverables can be seen on a digital signage boards in high profile casinos, Mayo Civic Center, Hormel Institute, CenturyLink Center Omaha, CHI Health Center Omaha, Dallas Wings (WNBA) and University of Texas Arlington. 

In my personal time I enjoy watching movies, gaming and exploring new ways of being creative. I have made a plenty of custom stickers, a bunch of custom t-shirts and even made my own card game with a second in progress!
You can download my resume by clicking the link! If you prefer you can connect with me on LinkedIn