This is my senior project that I completed during my last two semesters at college (Spring 2016 to Fall 2016). The project is called Forsaken: The Unknown Sectors. It is a Sci-fi / Action movie trailer for a none existent movie that I created. Although I had two semesters to work on my senior project, I had been working on a different idea for the first half of the spring semester. That project was a short story that was going to be around five-minutes long. My professor and myself found that with getting no where in the project after a few months it was best that I change it. Thus, the movie trailer idea was born.
Movie Trailer
Progress Video
Below is a short video that shows three different scenes the different changes I made to each of them. These three scenes were some of the most challenging to pull off. 

For the second scene although not seen in the images within the video, I used a plugin called TurbulenceFD, which allows Cinema 4D to create smoke and fire effects. Not only was learning the plugin a challenge but learning the physics of the smoke particles and how they reacted with the world caused a lot of issues.

For the eighth scene, the main challenge was trying to come up with a way to get Earth to explode in a way that did not look cheesy, like the first two versions in the video below show. Creating smaller chunks of Earth that fly out at a slow pace along with extremely small chunks flying out at a faster rate really helped. With that adding secondary explosions and effects of glowing bursts help sell the effect of it being destroyed.

For the twelfth scene, I went for a clean and more modern look. Originally, I was going to have some type of humanoids working in the station but I felt a droid would be better suited because they are processing information on the universe. They are like the function of the Separatist Droid Army in the Star Wars films.
Quick Questions 
How long did it take to create the movie trailer? 
Roughly 80 hours of designing everything, about 250 hours or so for both test, rough draft and final renders, and finally about 35 hours for the editing. So about 365 hours in total. A lot of hours were not included in these numbers were learning how to create certain objects and scenes.

What programs did you use to make your movie trailer?
For all the 3D objects, I used Maxon Cinema 4D. I used Adobe After Effects to add all the effects to the scenes. Finally, I edited it all together along with the audio in Adobe Premiere.

Why did you make a movie trailer?
Originally this wasn’t my intention. I had planned on creating a short-animated film but after a few months of working on it and getting nowhere, I decided to change it to the trailer. I am a huge movie fan but instead of trying to create a full movie, my professor and I decided a trailer would be a more achievable goal.

Did you use any external resources that you didn’t create?
Yes - for the textures of the objects. I used images from texture websites to create a more realistic appearance. Also, the planets are images of planets grabbed from NASA.

Why the title Forsaken: The Unknown Sectors? 
I went for the main title, Forsaken, because the main character within the story and movie is abandoned on a new planet. For the subtitle, I went for “The Unknown Sectors” because the Universe is broken up into sectors of galaxies and planets. 

You mentioned this trailer was influenced by Star Wars and Star Trek. What makes this story different? 
So, the trailer doesn't go into a great of detail of the main story or even the main character. Without giving the actual story away (I would like to continue to develop it) civilization on Earth is growing. The year is about 2050AD and the Earth is dying. The humans of Earth are aware of other planets in the universe that are habitable, but are unaware of any other humanoid or alien life. One hundred humans from different countries are sent out into different sectors of the Universe. The main character reaches his destination after years in cryo-sleep. When he reaches his planet, he soon finds out that there is advance alien life (like on Star Wars or Star Trek). He soon finds out that Earth has been destroyed but for a reason that is different than he thought.
This is where it changes. Earth, from the peoples point of view, was dying because of the over use, but it was because of this governing order that controls which planets are worth keeping alive. Which Earth wasn't, that is the base of the story that makes it different than the others.

Would you ever want to produce the full movie? 
Possibly. I think the story if reworked could be an interesting one. I think if I were to produce this, I would do so as a short film and not a full feature length film.
Kadyn Wishcop (Design / Animation / Editing / Sound Design - sound effects)
Seth Grabrow (Sound Design - background song)
Kurt Shrader (Voice-over)

Resources: - Majority of the textures used.
Freesound - Majority of the sound effects used.
NASA - Planet and sky images.